Invictus Press is a new reality in the scene of game production, which aims to establish itself as the creator
and supporter of playful projects, in any form and on any platform.

The heart of the project originates in Italy, from the desire of two lovers of RPGs, and games as a
whole, to bring those ideas that were played at the table, on the professional scene, using the well-known
crowdfunding platforms to test the response from the fans and enter this world with products of proven
interest and delivered from players to players.

Our aim is to become a reference point for scene of indie game design and production.
How we want to do this is the continuous presentation of products that are increasingly refined by our
growing knowledge of the world of games and the market that accompanies it; and at the same time as
partners for all those creatives who would like to bring their gaming ides to full-flagged projects, offering
our experience and support.