16/11/2020 – RS² funding ended at 1191%!

18/10/2020 – RS² funded in 23 hours!

17/10/2020 – RS² live on Kickstarter – Visit the KS page

16/10/2020 – Freedom Flag reached 217 / 900€ so had no success, we learned from our errors and now we will use a professional print on demand service who permits us to cut the front cost of more than 80%.
The next Kickstarter campaign will require much less funds.
Freedom Flag is not a dead project: it will be launched again soon.

22/09/2020 – Dan Davenport from Randomworlds contacted us for a Q&A session – Visit the Randomwords page

16/09/2020 – Freedom Flag live on Kickstarter – Visit the KS page

09/09/2020 – RS² enters pre-launch phase – Visit the KS page